Free Reformed School Association Board

The Free Reformed School Association is governed by a Board consisting of eight Board members.

The Board generally holds an ordinary Board meeting once a month (Feb-Dec). These meetings at times are held at the different school campuses, allowing the Board to interact with the Principal and Council while giving special focus to that school.

It is the Board’s responsibility to uphold the objects of the Association (Article 1.3 of Constitution) and to provide for the good governance of the Association and the various schools under its jurisdiction. Its task is to represent and speak for the interests of the Association members.

Board Responsibilities

The Board is:

  • to see to it that the schools’ teaching philosophies, curricula, programs and methods are in harmony with the Association’s Foundation set out in Article 1.2 of the Constitution;
  • accountable for the development and implementation of effective processes to plan for, monitor and achieve improvements in student learning;
  • responsible for the safety and welfare of the students;
  • responsible for the financial management and legal compliance affecting the governance of the schools and the Association;
  • responsible for the governance and strategic planning of the schools;
  • responsible for the employment, appraisal, disciplining and dismissal of a Principal;
  • responsible for overseeing the proper care and maintenance of any property owned by the Association.

Board Members

The Board currently comprises of the following members:

  • Henry Dykstra (Chairman)
  • Tarren Reitsema (Deputy Chairman)
  • Ruth de Vos
  • Dorinda ‘t Hart
  • Dave Lewis
  • Jelte Numan
  • Darren Bonker
  • Caleb Jongeling
  • Jamie van Burgel

Board Elections

Board members are elected for a three-year term after which they may be eligible for re-election.  Board Elections are generally held in March each year.

Annual General Meeting

The Board convenes an annual general meeting for its members once per year, generally at the end of April.