FRSA Mission

FRSA Mission

Foundation:  Where the Association stands

The foundation of the Association is the Word of God consisting of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.  The doctrine of the Holy Bible is summarised in the confessions and taught in the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.

Object:  Why the Association exists 

The Object of the Association is to assist the parents within the Free Reformed Churches of Australia in the provision of Reformed Education for their children, by the establishment and maintenance of schools committed to providing education which conforms to God’s Word as summarised in the Confessions.

Mission:  The aim of the Association

God’s children educated and nurtured within the covenant community to live for His glory in submission to Him.

Vision:  How the Association wants this to happen

Distinctively Reformed schools displaying a love and obedience to God, where the knowledge of Holy Scripture underpins all learning.