Public Reports

Annual School Reports

Under Section 77 of the Australian Education Act 2013 approved school authorities must comply with a number of conditions in order to receive Australian Government funding.

The specific requirements are detailed in sections 42 – 60 of the Australian Education Regulation 2013. The conditions that an approved school authority must comply with are:

  • Implement the Australian Curriculum
  • Participate in the national assessment program (NAPLAN and sample based national and international assessments)
  • Provide information e.g. for the school’s census, national reporting and My School
  • Provide readily understandable student reports to the parents or carers of each child
  • Make information publicly available about the school within six months after the end of a school year
  • Comply with relevant disability discrimination laws of the Commonwealth, a state or a territory.

FRSA elects to make such public information available by way of each school providing annual reports on its website.



Workplace Gender Equality Act Report

Workplace Gender Equality Report

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Workplace Gender Equality Public Report 2020 - 2021 30 - 11 - 2021 Download