2040 Vision Campus Configuration and Infrastructure – Post Consultation 

2040 Vision – Post Consultation 


We are very thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to have been able to submit a Campus Configuration and Infrastructure Vision to the Association.  Planning for the education needs of the coming generations of covenant children in our John Calvin Schools is indeed a rich privilege and a testimony of God’s covenant faithfulness. 

The Board noted with much appreciation the high level of engagement and interest shown by the Association through; the attendance of around 500 members at the various catchment meetings; receipt of just under 100 official submissions; and numerous conversations held during the consultation period. 

Feedback from the consultation process was collated into a summary of submissions, with 52 separate items raised for consideration.  The Board has reviewed and discussed the feedback received, and has provided a detailed response to each of the items raised (a copy of the summary of submissions is available below).

In adopting the final version of the 2040 Campus Configuration and Infrastructure Vision (found below), the Board included the following modifications;

  • A commitment to review the Vision and the population settlement trends at least every five (5) years in order to ensure that the Vision continues to respond appropriately;
  • Recognition that the expansion of the existing Primary Schools in Kelmscott and Rockingham beyond primary years could be considered before 2040 where the population growth and settlement trends indicate an adequate demand for that;
  • A commitment to monitor population growth trends annually to adjust future predictions;
  • A commitment to undertake more detailed financial modelling as part of presenting ‘each piece of the puzzle’ to the Board and/or Association for decision making; and
  • A commitment towards a holistic logistical review of FRSA bus needs and optimum arrangements for each stage of the future planning.

Brothers and sisters, the 2040 Vision is a wonderful opportunity for the covenant community of God’s people to continue to unite in the task of maintaining Reformed Christian Education for the covenant children of the Church over the coming generations.  Let us take time for thankful praise, for prayer, and for showing our complete dependence on our heavenly Father, as in this planning endeavour only He is able to bless our work.