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Under God’s blessing, Byford John Calvin School was officially opened on January 29, 1999. Surrounded by horse paddocks, fields and bush, the school was erected next to the Free Reformed Church of Byford. At the

commencement of that first school year, there were five classes from Years 1-7 with approximately 100 children.

With the 20th Anniversary of the school coming up next year, the community can reflect with thankfulness on the growth that God has allowed and blessed. Byford John Calvin School currently caters for over 200 students from Kindy – Year 6. It remains next to the Free Reformed Church of Byford but the rural feel of paddocks and bush has disappeared. With subdivisions and development around Byford area expanding at a rapid rate, the school has fast become surrounded by residential housing, a large high school and a few commercial buildings and shops.

Despite the changes around us, Byford John Calvin School continues to be supported by the members of the local Churches of Byford, Darling Downs, Mundijong and Armadale. The classrooms themselves are situated in a semi-circle format, enclosing a courtyard and central playground, creating a sense of community and cooperation. A well-appointed library, cared for by volunteer staff, is situated to the side and a large multi-purpose hall has been erected at the back of the property next to a large oval. An enclosed nature playground is used and enjoyed by the Early Childhood students.

The School holds many community events that involve parents, grandparents, siblings and wider family. Events such as Open Day, Sport’s Day, School Sleepover and Community BBQs always see a wonderful turnout of support. The school is also supported by elected members of the Council who volunteer their time to assist with the direction of the school, supporting staff and maintaining the school grounds and buildings.

As the school continues to grow, principal, staff, students and the broader community continue to seek God’s blessing so that our work may be to the praise and glory of His great name.

Mick ten Haaf
Phone: (08) 9525 0261
Address: 30 Soldiers Road, Byford WA 6122
Postal: PO Box 30, Byford WA 6122

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Situated in rural Capel, halfway between Bunbury and Busselton, South West John Calvin Christian College (SWJCCC) is a K-10 school serving the growing Free Reformed Church community in WA’s South West region. SWJCCC was opened in 2018, making it the newest campus in the FRSA and the first permanent, purpose-built campus since Reformed schooling began in Bunbury in the mid 1990’s. With just over 100 students in multi-grade classes, SWJCCC has a close-knit, community atmosphere and it is not uncommon to see students from a range of grades joining in the same games during recess breaks. The school has been blessed with a group of highly-committed staff who teach across a wide range of ages and subjects as well as supportive parents and community members, many of whom donated time and resources generously during the school’s construction in 2017.

Jan van den Dolder
Phone: (08) 9726 2038
Address: 2 Widdeson Road, Capel, WA 6271
Postal: PO Box 620, Capel, 6271
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Welcome to the Kelmscott John Calvin School. We are situated on 322 Lake Road directly behind the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott. Although the urban region is creeping into our area, we are still somewhat rural and able to enjoy the space around us.

The school has been in existence for 35 years, having opened its doors in February 1983. It is one of the 5 schools belonging to the Free Reformed School Association. Parents of the Free Reformed Churches banded together to have their children educated in a place that agrees with what is taught at home, namely to have the children taught in the ways of the Lord. Enrolment in the school is dependent on being a member of the Free Reformed Church.

Kelmscott John Calvin School is a K-6 school. We are registered to provide the curriculum as prescribed by the government, although within a Christian worldview. We offer all courses, including music and art. Our choice of second language is Indonesian which is taught from grades 3-6.

Unique to the school is our Tiny Acres Farm. This farm is closely linked to curriculum expectations and serves to enhance the work in the classroom. It provides a rich and diverse learning environment for all students, including those who need a different learning style to mainstream classes. Not only do they learn to care for the animals, but can also feed, pet and handle them confidently.

Please feel free to browse the rest of this website to gain more information about our beliefs, values and views on education and how that transforms into teaching the children in a Christian environment.

Henk Plug
Phone: (08) 9390 6256; 0413 211 371
Address: 322 Lake Road, Champion Lakes WA 6111
Postal: PO Box 2061, Seville Grove WA 6112
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Rockingham John Calvin School is a small Christian K – 6 Primary school located on the coast about 40 minutes south of Perth.  Established in 1995, the school serves the families that are members of the Australian Free Reformed churches.

The school is located in a beautiful setting with a large bush block behind, wetlands across the road and is only 10 minutes from the beach.

Aside from the general classrooms, the school has a Library, STEM Lab and large Sports Hall. The school has a large oval and an adventure-style playground for the children to enjoy.

There is a separate Early Childhood outdoor area for Kindy and Pre-primary with its own adventure playground.

We have a small staff focused on quality, covenantal-based education that is thoroughly Biblical. In the K-2, classes teachers use a balanced teaching approach and embrace play-based and inquiry learning programs. In Yrs 3-6 a combination of both formal and inquiry-based learning is used.

We have strong and positive links with our families and the local Free Reformed Church community. Parents are always welcome here and feel very much at home. They perform essential roles in supporting the schooling of the children and have also been a great support in enhancing the physical school environment.


Ben Kramer

Phone: (08) 9524 1125 / 0419 582 128
Address: 879 Mandurah Road, Baldivis WA 6171
Postal: 879 Mandurah Road, Baldivis WA 6171
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Welcome to the John Calvin Christian College.

The College is situated in the foothills of Armadale and caters for students in both Middle and Senior school with classes ranging from Year 6 till Year 12.

The educational program of the College is founded within the framework of a Biblical vision for life, with its aim to have its students be educated for a life of praise and service to God and their neighbour. In doing so, the College has a strong focus for a learning environment which extends a high nurture for its students, aims to provide expert teaching by its teaching staff, and calls for a faithful response of service.

In providing a full secondary program, the College has a curriculum which meets the requirements of School Curriculum and Standards Authority (WA).  Students exiting the school at Yr 12 are expected to attain the Western Australian Certificate of Education which allows for a range of post-secondary options, including university, colleges and TAFE study

Murray Plug
Phone: (08) 9497 0000
Address: 18 Robin Hood Avenue, Armadale WA 6112
Postal: PO Box 474, Armadale WA 6992