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Vision for the Free Reformed School Association

1.  Establish and maintain Reformed schooling, K-12, in locations suitable for members that:-

·         Has a biblical character;

·         Is of a high standard;

·         Is focused on optimal development of students;

·         Assist parents in equipping their children for their task in this world;

·         Gives opportunities for the development of a range of talents;

·         Is relevant and current in the time in which we live;

·         Enjoys strong support from the parents and the community;

·         Involves the parents and the community in its operations; and

·         Meets the requirements associated with schooling in Australia.


2.  Recruit, develop and retain teachers and assistants who:-

·         Are strongly committed to the goals and practices of reformed education;

·         Are well versed in the content and pedagogies associated with their teaching;

·         Are committed to and provide support for the broader and wider needs within reformed schooling; and

·         Reflect a reformed outlook and godly walk of life.


3.  Recruit, develop and retain leaders who:-

·         Are well versed in the principles and practices of reformed schooling; and

·         Are competent in applying the principles and practices of leadership for reformed schooling in the 21st century.


4.  Develop sound organisational processes. facilities, and structures that:-

·         Is focussed on the needs of teaching covenant children;

·         Is focussed on effective and efficient interaction between the various stakeholders in reformed schooling across the association;

·         Provides and maintains appropriate infrastructure and facilities for the operation of reformed schooling;

·         Seeks to keep reformed schooling affordable for parents; and

·         Meets the legal requirements and needs of an incorporated association.


5.  Maintain, throughout the generations, a strong church-home-school relationship that promotes:-

·         An awareness of parental responsibility in reformed education with direct reference to baptismal vows; and

·         A corporate covenantal responsibility and duty among all Church members to support the schools.

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Mission for the FRSA. Teaching Covenant children, that is: assisting the parents of the Free Reformed Churches in the upbringing of their children by providing Reformed education based on God's Word as summarised in the Three Forms of Unity