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Receiving Treasurers
ArmadaleDavid Byl
BunburyEric VanderVeen
ByfordDamien Wielstra
Darling DownsJan Kampman
KelmscottDavid Plug
Mount NasuraKen Byl
RockinghamQuintin Kleyn
Southern RiverPeter Terpstra
BaldivisMargret Lewis
MundijongMichael VandenDool
BusseltonTanya Bosveld
Membership Information

Membership of the Free Reformed School Association is a concrete way of showing support for Reformed Education taking place in the local John Calvin Primary Schools as well as the Armadale based John Calvin Christian College. School Membership is greater than simply contributing financially to the schools and assumes that member’s support other aspects of Christian upbringing (home, church and school) within the context of the covenant. This includes support for the school by way of: personal interest, school operations and prayerful support.


Application for Membership Form
Please fill in this form if you wish to join the Free Reformed School Association as a member or a donor. Return your completed form to your Receiving Treasurer (see list), or to the FRSA Administration.

These forms are only for the information of the Accounts Office. The payment must be organized by yourself, either by internet, or with your bank. When setting up the payment please ensure your name and member number are on all transactions (if you do not know your membership number please contact Margaret Cooper, margaret.cooper@frsa.asn.au).

Return your completed form to your Receiving Treasurer (see list) or to FRSA Administration.

Forms can be placed in the FRSA box in the church. 
Membership Process

Dear brother/sister

Thank you for your desire to support Reformed Education by way of financial contributions.  We acknowledge that this is a rich blessing from the Lord.  With you we express much gratitude to our heavenly Father that through the financial support of the communion of saints the School Association is able to support parents in providing a Biblical Education to their covenant children, thus building God’s kingdom – the church.  

For ease in applying, we suggest the following:

1.       Download the Membership Application Form and save this to your desktop

2.       Complete the form (you can do this by typing directly into the fields)

3.       If you do not have an electronic signature, you may simply type in your name in the signature field

4.       Save your completed form

5.       Attach it to an email

6.       Send your email with the attached form to membership@frsa.asn.au

We ask that you please also remember the work of the school in your prayers.   

With Christian Greetings,

The Membership Committee

Membership Documents
Document List 
Membership Application PDF.pdf Download
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Mission for the FRSA. Teaching Covenant children, that is: assisting the parents of the Free Reformed Churches in the upbringing of their children by providing Reformed education based on God's Word as summarised in the Three Forms of Unity